Customer Support


Here are answers to the most common questions future residents and their families have about McKenzie Living.


How secure are the campuses?

Decorative seven-foot iron and cedar fence surrounds each unit. Windows and doors are alarmed and/or have keypad entry and exit systems.  Staff use video monitoring to assist in observing residents--especially in cases of extreme behavior where additional staff presence may elevate the behavior.

What kind of activities programs does McKenzie Living have?

We have full-time activity professionals who provide a variety of daily activities. The following are some examples of different activities we offer on a weekly basis:  exercise classes, Wii Sports, recreational & social activities, movies, outdoor activity, board & card games, field trips, arts and crafts, music therapy, trivia games, and much more!

Does McKenzie Living have a nurse on duty?

We have several full-time nurses and with few exceptions, one or more on site each day. We also have nurses available to answer our staff’s questions 24 hours a day.

Does McKenzie Living have caregivers 24 hours a day?

We have caregivers on duty 24 hours a day, in three shifts, available to aide residents.

How is the food prepared at McKenzie Living?

Breakfast is prepared in each individual house. Lunch and dinner are cooked for 3 houses at a time. This means our food does not taste “institutionalized”. Instead, our meals taste “home cooked”. We are also able to accommodate a wide variety of specialty diets, such as, diabetic, no-sodium, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.

How long can my loved one live at McKenzie Living?

In most cases, residents can stay at McKenzie Living until the end of life. However, if a resident needs skilled nursing care (24-hour IV’s, feeding tubes, etc.) or then they will need to be transferred to a skilled nursing facility. If residents exhibit extreme behaviors beyond the ability of on-site staff to manage, they may be discharged to a facility with a higher level of care.